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Board of Trustees Application 2023

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We consider ourselves a "working board" in that each of our Board Meetings are held with purpose and intention. Each Board Meeting's agenda is designed to facilitate meaningful dialogue around strategic initiatives as well as pertinent topics of the synagogue. Our Board of Trustees strives to foster positive and growing relationships with one another as well as with our congregation at large. Each Trustee has the opportunity to bring their passions and voice to the table and exemplify their beliefs through various synagogue and community engagements. Terms are 2 years; fiscal year is July 1 - June 30.

Term Expectations

  • Attendance at six Board Meetings (held every other month) on a fiscal year calendar.
  • Attendance at 2-3 special meetings a year. Attendance at Annual Board Meeting each June.
  • Board Members chair or co-chair a working committee or special project.
  • Work collaboratively to define and accomplish tangible goals. Act as a mentor to develop future Jewish leaders of Temple Sinai.
  • Attendance at Shabbat Services as requested to represent the Board. Attend our Annual Event in June - Temple Sinai's largest fundraising event.

Areas of Strategic Planning

In alignment with Temple Sinai's Mission, Vision and Values we have a set of Strategic Priorities that we remain focused on. These five areas of work all have respective, measurable goals which help our Clergy and Staff define their work to meet each congregant where they are in their Jewish Journey. The five Strategic Priorities are Membership/Engagement, Financial, Operations, Education and Worship. Our Board of Trustees is expected to collaborate on opportunities within these areas, with a growth mindset.

Financial Participation

  • Be a regular member in good standing.
  • Endowment/Sinai Circle: a meaningful gift in the form of either a planned gift or cash contribution.
  • Other small donations: gifts, contributions, youth group, etc.
Mon, April 22 2024 14 Nisan 5784